Complex Systems Lab focuses on Synergetics, a thinking and philosophical paradigm now, is an interdisciplinary field of study and research  that   deals withcomplex systems that are composed of many individual parts (components,elements)  that interact with each other and are able to produce spatial, temporal or functional structures by self-organizationIn particular, synergetics searches for general principles governing self- organization irrespective of the nature of the individual parts of the systems that may belong to the Nature in Universe and Thought  Processes, (see also Mind and  metaphysics) as reflected in  a variety of disciplines such as Physics, Geophysics, 

Astrophysics,Cosmology,metereology, chemistry (pattern formation by chemical reactions, including flames), biology (morphogenesis, evolution theory) movement science, brain activities, computer sciences , economics, sociology, psychology,Management sciences and psychiatry,modern technologies  and overlapping and underlying  disciplines there of.

Like neurons in the brain”: A molecular computer that evolves

DNA nanomachines could be produced inexpensively in almost limitless quantities:

Neural basis of Consciousness

The neural basis of what? Discontents in defining “human nature”