Global Synergetic consolidated itself on 26th May 2014, when India witnessed a New Era with Hon. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.Our renewed effort is expressed in The Trust Deed of under the name of the Global Synergetic Foundation, (2014), which explicates:"The Trust so created constitutes the Non-Profit wing/entity of the Global Synergetic Group (GSG) founded by the Author in the year 1992. The purpose of the Trust being (i)that of accomplishing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of the GSG; (ii) of assimilating in and annexing together and to continue the history and working of the entities founded and managed by the Author which due to changes in life circumstances and location of the Author became inactive for a few years, notably, Global Synergetic Institute (1992,PAN:AAAAG4448B),Global Synergetic Organization, (2002,PAN:AAAAG4801G), for centralized professional management and for continuation of various scattered non-profit activities of these Global Synergetic Group entities under one umbrella with  name as  GLOBAL SYNERGETIC FOUNDATION (2014,) and (iii) for undertaking other social, charitable and religious activities for the benefit the public without any discrimination, for the objects set out in this trust deed and for fulfillment of which, the terms and conditions are more particularly set out ...." The GSF Group's tradition in community development has, since its inception in 1992, been defined by its core values. It never was the charity for its own sake or, as what once Sir Jamshed Ji Tata named, "patchwork philanthropy". The GSF Group support an assortment of causes, institutions, and individuals in a wide variety of areas.

A Global Perspective
Anticipating and developing benefits from global changes throughCross border studies, researches education, training andDevelopmental actions.

Capacity Building
Improving the technical, managerial and analytical policy research capacity ofThink tanks, Corporations, Institutions, and governments.

Creativity Development
Developing and nurturing arts, culture, and creativity.

finding new solutions to old problems, leading multi-disciplinary global thinking and integrating new and adapted technology.
Global Leadership
Promoting transparency and rules of law to remove barriers to socio-economic development, opportunities, and justice.

Privatization and Investment
Developing commercial ventures for equitable economic opportunities.

Sustainable Development
Developing local expertise through a collaborative approach of partnering international and regional experts with local researchers for sustainable Socio-economic, technical and environmental development.