Service Ideas
Foundation is to grant its Institute to establish literacy programs for girls and women, working with an international partner in a country with high rates of female illiteracy.
• Establish a literacy center with a library where people can come to read and meet tutors.
• Sponsor a business breakfast, inviting business executives and managers of local businesses to hear about literacy efforts in the workplace.
• Offer to set up satellite schools in villages, if girls are forbidden to travel far from home, and to sponsor single-sex schools with female teachers, if coeducational learning is a cultural issue.
• Organize a public awareness campaign encouraging parents to read to their children.
• Donate books to students and class libraries at home and abroad.
• Schedule a reading hour at a local library when club members would read to children.
• Provide child care for parents attending literacy classes.
• Reward students who read the most books, win a spelling bee or book report contest, or tutor others.