"Endowment for Preservation and Promotion of Vedic Knowledge and Tradition"

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

a personal intimation


Global Synergetic began its journey in 1992, joined United Nations Global Compact in 2002, went global in 2007 returned back to re-established its  Knowledge Economy wing to initiate in 2014. GSF directed its focus to preservation,  and dissemination of our Vedic knowledge and tradition which has been damaged severely by Moughals by burning of our libraries, universities, forced conversion and subsequently by the British,  through damaging our traditions by indological misinterpretations. We started accumulating, since 2001, scattered literature, original, secondary, unpublished manuscripts. You would be glad to know that by now we have in our possession more than one lakh documents in raw digitized form. The process of collection and digitization is on. Time has come now to make a complete "recast of our Scriptures and Vedic Knowledge" through modern media its effective dissemination through socio-cultural movements.

 It is at this stage, after dedicating more than one and a half decade to this cause and investing our own internal resources so far, we are now establishing an "Endowment for Preservation and Promotion of Vedic Knowledge and Tradition". In the capacity of the founder of GSF, I personally invite you for your valued participation in this endeavor, to join hands, to contribute and to support the cause.  Your contribution to the  Endowment Fund shall remain there in the book of accounts forever, only the gains from its professionally managed investment shall be used for the aforesaid purpose.  The Endowment Fund is aimed to a healthy sustenance for the long term, for effective action to meet the objective. योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्‌ 

With this intimation, I crave your kind attention toward the cause and seek your generous support.Please consider contributing to the Endowment to help us achieve our mission. Please write back to let us know about it.  We thank you in advance for your support!  




 Chief Functionary