The area of our Institute operates in has been very green one. On one side it is connected to the hills and mountains of Nepal, on the other it is very much in the Gangetic Plains famous for its greenery and rich bio-habitat. With the development it started losing it. As Institute has been actively involved with medicinal and herbal drugs and medicines, it has been seriously active in Biodiversity & conservation, Identification, Screening of herbs, environment awareness & plantation programmes.
Service Ideas
• Support the creation of urban gardens, parks, woodlands, and greenbelts.
• Arrange a cleanup day along a river, lake, or ocean shore in your community.
• Promote the use of public transportation and ride-sharing.
• Assist poor communities to obtain safe water and sanitation systems.
• Publicize community health training that addresses the relationships between safe water, sanitation, and health.
• Organize a community program to collect and sort glass, paper products, and other recyclable items.
• Support innovative educational programs that emphasize the importance and interdependence of the ecosystem.
• Sponsor a service project that provides agricultural training, appropriate tools, and capital resources to small farmers.
• Give awards to local businesses or industries for ecologically sound extraction, production, design, packaging, and waste disposal practices.