Dr.S.S.D.Pandey is the Founder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GSF, a Non-Resident Indian Trust.

GSF Group Executive Council
The GSF Group Executive Council (GSFGEC), chaired by the Chairman of GSF, Dr.S.S.D.Pandey, will comprise executives of GSF Corporation Limited and will provide strategic and operational support to the Chairman of GSF.

GSF announced the formation of the GSF Group Executive Council (GSFGEC) on March 22, 2013 in Cyprus. The GSFGEC, chaired by the Chairman of GSF, Dr.S.S.D.Pandey, will comprise executives of GSF  Corporation  and will provide strategic and operational support to the Chairman of GSF. The GSFGEC, under the aegis of the GSF board, will now assume responsibility for all the roles earlier performed by the Group Companies separately, and to operate through the Group Executive Office (GEO).

The mandate of the GEC is to own and drive the delivery of the core purpose of GSF, which is long term value creation for all stakeholders. The agenda of the GSFGEC includes, inter alia, return on investment with a long term perspective; support for and shaping of the agenda for philanthropy; preserving and enhancing the reputation of the 'Global Synergetic' name; defining and driving a  'Global Synergetic' way of working for group companies; and playing a proactive role so that the group fulfils its responsibility as a global corporate citizen. The GSFGEC will work closely with and partner the boards, CEOs and senior management of various GSF Group companies.

Members of the GSFGEC will be assigned responsibilities by the Chairman of GSF, and will lead various strategic functions besides also serving as nominees of GSF on the boards of GSF Group companies. The initial membership of the GSFGEC will include ........ who will lead the strategic function of human resources; ........ who will oversee brand, communication, ethics and corporate sustainability; and .......... who will head business development and public affairs; and ............., who will be responsible for strategy at the group level and lend his expertise in bringing customer centricity to the fore across group companies.

GSF Group Council for Community Initiatives
The GSF Group's Council for Community Initiatives (GSFGCCI) is a unique initiative that lends structure to the GSF Group's approach of sustainable development while driving its community engagement and improvement programmes.
Topfield Ventures Limited                                                                                                                                  An International  Business Corporation

Topfield Ventures, a multi-country corporate management entity of the  GSF Group has as its primary objective  to serve as our clients' most trusted external adviser and service providers on the greatest challenges facing senior management and Governing bodies. It works with a range of organizations – Indian non-profits, companies,  and emerging  multinational  entities. It serves  them on a variety  of strategic, operational, and organizational issues and help them become world-class companies. 

Leadership is at the core.  Topfield Ventures, operates through a global network of offices and practices, led not by one person, but by our partnership group. We are not a corporation tied to earnings pressures, but a Group free to take a long-term perspective on issues like expansion and client service. Leadership in us is not about rising above the rest, but helping others – consultants and clients – to exceed their own expectations. 

The Institutional Capacity Building Drive of Topfield Ventures helps, advises,facilitates Institutions with projects of Global or  National importance, significant for humanity irrespective of national or geographical boundaries, casts, creeds or culture, to develop and attain their Goals.All aspects of Capacity Development are taken care of.