GSF 2014

Global Synergetic Foundation  

Global Synergetic consolidated itself on 26th May 2014, when India witnessed a New Era with Hon. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.  The Trust Deed under the name of the Global Synergetic Foundation, 2014, explicates. "The Trust so created constitutes the Non-Profit wing/entity of the Global Synergetic Group (GSG) founded by the Author in the year 1992. The purpose of the Trust being,

(i)that of accomplishing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of the GSG; 
(ii) of assimilating in and annexing together and to continue the history and working of the entities founded and managed by the Author which due to changes in life circumstances and location of the Author became inactive for a few years, notably, Global Synergetic Institute (1992,PAN:AAAAG4448B),Global Synergetic Organization,(2002,PAN:AAAAG4801G), for centralized professional management and for continuation of various scattered non-profit activities of these Global Synergetic Group entities under one umbrella with  name as  GLOBAL SYNERGETIC FOUNDATION (2014,), and  
(iii) for undertaking other social, charitable and religious activities for the benefit the public without any discrimination, for the objects set out in this trust deed and for fulfillment of which, the terms and conditions are more particularly set out ...." 


We are a preeminent management consulting organization that helps leading organizations improve their performance. Since 1992, our group has served leading companies, nonprofits, and public organizations on issues ranging from enhancing operational efficiency to charting international business and corporate strategies,  sustainability, social responsibility implementation processes among many others. We have also been engaged in ICT (Information& Communication Technology) enabled Info-Media and Research.We hire the best talent and provide them with unrivaled opportunities to grow and have the world-shaping impact. A Non-Profit THINK TANK on issues relating to Sustainable International Development, Cross-borderStudies, Policy Research, Health, Education Poverty, Human Rights, Gender& Social Justice, and Globalization.