Websites of Important Ministries/Departments
Ministry of Company Affairs  
Department of Education  
Ministry of Environment and Forests  
Department of Explosives 
Ministry of External Affairs 
Ministry of Finance 
Directorate General of Foreign Trade 
Department of Heavy Industries 
Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion 
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 
Department of Information Technology 
Ministry of Labour 
Department of Mines 
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources 
Office of The Controller General Of Patents  
Ministry of Petroleum And Natural Gas  
Ministry of Power  
Ministry of Railways   
Reserve Bank of India 
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways 
Department of Shipping   
Ministry of Small Scale Industries & Agro and Rural Industries   
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation  
Department of Telecommunication   
Ministry of Textile  
Ministry of Tourism  
Ministry of Urban Development   
Ministry of Water Resource