Contributing to Human FreedomThe Internet Technologies unit of the Institute is responsible for the Interactive Media Lab (IML). A recent upgrade in the IML involves a completely redesigned audio-video digitizing facility. The room allows users to convert video and audio into content that can be viewed and heard on the web. This has been a very popular addition for faculty and students looking to create permanent archives of their work. In addition, a new 35mm slide and negative scanner was added to the Lab. This has been a valuable asset for making electronic copies of valuable research photographs. In order to ensure that multimedia software is cutting edge, there were a total of five different upgrade versions of the software in the IML. Institute has been involved, during the last three years in:Script Preparation on National Integration,Script Preparation on Elementary & adult Education,Script Preparation on Cultural Heritage,Footage Compilation,Promotion of Folk Genres,Exhibition & Archivation of Paintings & Other.Preservation & Digitization.