To facilitate, create and enable  through Synergetic Way of Thinking, Strategic Management, R&D, Policy Research and Developmental Actions, attainment of the highest possible level of the Quality of Life i.e., Health, Education and Socioeconomic Development and Justice to the Society through a strong, proactive, technically excellent and dedicated global network of collaborations with governments, civil society and other partners.”

Leading policies and reforms,
Changing civil society
Investing in the poor and
Nurturing Scientific, Technological & Artistic   Creativity and

Working for World Peace

Om asato maa satgamaya
Tamaso maa jyotir gamaya
Mrityor maa amritam gamaya

Lead us from the unreal to the Real
From darkness to Light
From death to Immortality


A Global Perspective
Anticipating and developing benefits from global changes throughCross border studies, research, education, training andDevelopmental actions.

Improving the technical, managerial and analytical policy research capacity ofThink tanks, Corporations, Institutions, and governments.

Creativity Development
Developing and nurturing arts, culture, and creativity.

Finding new solutions to old problems, leading multi-disciplinary global thinking and integrating new and adapted technology.

Global Leadership
Promoting transparency and rules of law to remove barriers to socio-economic development, opportunities, and justice.

Privatization and Investment
Developing commercial ventures for equitable economic opportunities.

Sustainable Development
Developing local expertise through a collaborative approach of partnering international and regional experts with local researchers for sustainable Socio-economic, technical and environmental development.