The Global Synergetic® began its journey in 1992 in India. On June 5th, the year 2002, Global Synergetic Foundation joined the UN Global Compact, and in doing so expressed its steadfast commitment to the Ten Principles that the UN Global Compact puts forth.Compliance with these principles is, without a doubt, one of the cornerstones for the democratic and cohesive existence of both companies and society as a whole.Global Synergetic continues to be a very active and dedicated member of the UN Global Compact. By doing so, business, as the primary agent driving globalization, can help ensure that markets, commerce, technology, and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.The UN Global Compact is not a regulatory instrument, but rather a voluntary initiative that relies on public accountability, transparency, and disclosure to complement regulation and to provide a space for innovation.
Its corporate face, GSF Corporation (2007) is the promoter of the major operating GSF Group companies and holds significant shareholdings in these companies. GSF Group companies, including its company cluster, known as AVF Group, is professionally managed through GSF Group Executive Council, GSFGEC.The GSF Group has always been values-driven. These values continue to direct the growth and business of GSF Group companies. Currently, the GSF Group has its network in Africa, UAE, and Asia. We are a preeminent management consulting organization that helps leading organizations improve their performance. Since 1992, our group has served leading companies, nonprofits, and public organizations on issues ranging from enhancing operational efficiency to charting international business and corporate strategies, sustainability, social responsibility implementation processes among many others. We have also been engaged in ICT (Information& Communication Technology) enabled Info-Media and Research.We hire the best talent and provide them with unrivaled opportunities to grow and have the world-shaping impact. A Non-Profit THINK TANK on issues relating to Sustainable International Development, Cross-borderStudies, Policy Research, Health, Education Poverty, Human Rights, Gender& Social Justice, and Globalization.