Global Synergetic®, founded by Dr.S.S.D.Pandey in the year 1992, is now a Multinational Group with corporate and nonprofit arms. The term Synergetics means universally co-operative. Global Synergetic originated as a small Institution for Multidimensional Development and Exploration with a vision but confined only to a tiny region of Gangetic plains of India. In the year,1993, it took the Institute for Synergetics & Fundamental Research, founded by the same founder, based at Varanasi since 1990, as its unit, and eventually became a home for an interdisciplinary group of people comprising physicists, mathematicians,philosophers, economists, chemists & biochemists, physicians, technologists,engineers,historians,lawyers and social scientists. The small Institute began thinking high, beyond intellectual prison, narrow disciplinary and national boundaries and in terms of Scientific, Technological, and Socio-economic and Developmental policies. Workshops, working papers, conferences and publications started and kept on flowing continuously along with its social and developmental actions. During the years 1998-99 Institution got involved in introspection, keeping in view its past track, its successes and failures and its place in the world of the New Millennium. By the end of 1998, it was realized that globalization along with intensified glocalisation, with all its goods and evils, was going to be the force of the 21st Century. It was realized further, that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Biotechnology and International Businesses were going to change the lives of the people on earth, Information was going to be more effective weapon in wars as well as in fighting evils like poverty, economic inequality, underdevelopment, exploitation, simultaneously, these evils were going to be accentuated by the digital divide and informational inequality. Under these forces, there would be advantaged and disadvantaged. The interests of these advantaged and disadvantaged groups might create chaos, exploitation and social injustice and social unrest. This introspection led to the reorientation of our focus, reconsideration of priorities and objectives and reformulation of the code of conduct.
In the year 2000, Global Synergetic became truly global and crossed its traditional national boundaries and was over the Cyberspace with a global vision and New Delhi as its new administrative location which became fully operational in the year 2004. On June 5th, the year 2002, Global Synergetic Foundation joined the UN Global Compact, and in doing so expressed its steadfast commitment to the Ten Principles that the UN Global Compact puts forth.Compliance with these principles is, without a doubt, one of the cornerstones for the democratic and cohesive existence of both companies and society as a whole. GlobalSynergetic continues to be a very active and dedicated member of the UN Global Compact. In the year 2005, it initiated its presence abroad and established its first foreign corporate entity in the year 2007 and became a nonresident Indian Foundation. It, however, now maintains its Indian nonprofit arm with the same objectives and purposes through its consolidated GSF 2014.
Global Synergetic Foundation
Global Synergetic consolidated itself on 26th May 2014, when India witnessed a New Era with Hon. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. The Trust Deed under the name of the Global Synergetic Foundation, 2014, explicates. "The Trust so created constitutes the Non-Profit wing/entity of the Global Synergetic Group (GSG) founded by the Author in the year 1992. The purpose of the Trust being,
(i)that of accomplishing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of the GSG; (ii) of assimilating in and annexing together and to continue the history and working of the entities founded and managed by the Author which due to changes in life circumstances and location of the Author became inactive for a few years, notably, Global Synergetic Institute (1992,PAN:AAAAG4448B),Global Synergetic Organization,(2002,PAN:AAAAG4801G), for centralized professional management and for continuation of various scattered non-profit activities of these Global Synergetic Group entities under one umbrella with name as GLOBAL SYNERGETIC FOUNDATION (2014,), and (iii) for undertaking other social, charitable and religious activities for the benefit the public without any discrimination, for the objects set out in this trust deed and for fulfillment of which, the terms and conditions are more particularly set out ...."